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Guidelines for scoring and Assessment (COMING SOON)

Farmers entering results-based payments schemes like the Hen Harrier Programme will want to be confident that they can understand the protocols for verifying and measuring the results indicators for payment. Without this understanding it will be more difficult for farmers to adjust their management to achieve the results upon which their payments depend.

This Guide will provide an overview of the scorecards used in the farm assessment and a clear explanation of how the results indicators relate to scores and payments and the biodiversity objectives.

Scorecard Plant Identification Guide (COMING SOON)

This is a field identification guide for farmers and farm planners taking part in the Hen Harrier Programme.

The guide illustrates each of the positive and negative plant indicators relevant to the scorecard and describes how to identify them in the field. This includes a description of flowers and leaves, flowering time, and other useful or interesting facts that help to give an identity to the plants.