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Local Actions Grants Fund
now open for applications
Deadline 20th March 2020

A New Opportunity for Farmers

“This scheme is targeted specifically at farmers with designated land and should provide those farmers with an important additional income stream on top of GLAS and GLAS+”

Minister Michael Creed TD

The Hen Harrier Project is an opportunity for farmers to be recognised and rewarded for delivering environmental benefits. It will deliver an additional opportunity for farmers to earn an income from their land.

a novel ‘hybrid’ approach
to farming for conservation

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The Hen Harrier Programme

Filmed near Castle Island, County Kerry on the farms of Michael O'Donoghue and Dan O'Donoghue.

Michael and Dan are two of 1,525 Irish farmers participating in the Hen Harrier Project.

A Pilot Project

A locally targeted conservation programme building strong partnerships with farmers to deliver sustainable benefits for biodiversity, upland ecosystems and a vibrant local rural economy

Results Based Approach

The Project values participation and co-operation in the delivery of environmental objectives. It encourages and rewards farming for conservation with incentives and support rather than penalties.

Flexible and Adaptable

Farmers make the decisions for their own farm. They are supported with training and advice and rewarded for their achievements.

5 year Programme

Targeted specifically at farmers with land in Slieve Beagh, Slieve Bloom Mountains, Slieve Felim to Silvermines Mountains, Slieve Aughty Mountains, Stacks to Mullaghereirk Mountains, West Limerick Hills & Mount Eagle and Mullaghanish to Musheramore Mountains Special Protection Areas (SPAs).

Payment for Results

All eligible land will be scored annually with a user friendly scorecard and receive a score. Higher scores receive higher payments. This gives farmers the incentive to manage their fields in ways that will improve the habitat condition and their payment as well.

Payment for Actions

An annual farm plan will contain a list of actions (jobs) which are nominated by the farmer with the aim of improving the site’s management and conservation condition for the benefit of the Hen Harrier.

Funding the Programme

The Hen Harrier Project is an EIP (European Innovation Partnership) Locally Led Scheme. The Project is funded by the Dept. of Agriculture, Food and the Marine as part of Ireland's Rural Development Programme 2014-2020.